On Friday night, Lisa (my partner) and I went to the Melbourne Pavilion in Racecourse Road to watch Lisa’s colleague, Simone Bachmann, fight her second amateur fight in the Fightfit Challenge (Round 12 on Friday night). My camera pretty well comes everywhere with me, so when I found out that it would be ok to shoot ringside, provided I wasn’t in the way, I leapt at the chance. It’s all about new opportunities and challenges, right? It was my first time at a boxing fight, and the first time shooting a live event like it, with all its challenges with contrast in light, and fast movement. Shooting RAW, which I always do anyway, certainly helped, and the [Nikon] D610 handled the conditions with ease: I bumped the ISO up to 3200, shot with my new (pre-loved) Nikkor 28-70mm 1:2.8 lens wide open, at f/2.8 for most of the night, and I came away with a swag of photos! I was pretty stoked with the outcome, and Simone was too! That’s the real test in the end, isn’t it? Was the client happy? (even if she didn’t know she was going to be a subject or client as such)

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As a footnote: we stayed for quite a few fights, as each bout in this amateur boxing competition lasts for three rounds, and we figured we might as well watch some of the other fighters as well. I’m no boxing expert, but I think that Simone’s form was on a par, or better, than a lot of the other boxers on the night, men included (physical differences, weight, height, power, notwithstanding). She looked good; she looked like a boxer: the way she moved, used her arms and gloves for defence and offence, and they way she delivered her punches – very impressive!

Postscript: I received the following card and Koko Black chocolates from Simone as a thank-you for the photos. Thank you Simone!