It was a dark and cold morning on Tuesday, yet the traffic on the Calder Freeway in towards the city was a string of white and yellow starbursts rushing in the opposite direction at high speed, even at 5:30am!

As I hit the outskirts of Macedon township and Mount Macedon, around 6:30am, the warning light and buzzer on the car’s dash chimed at me to alert me to the possibility of ice on the road: one-point-five degrees! I was hoping for really clear skies on such a cold morning, and perhaps vibrant colours. In the end, it was a bit of a mixed bag in the sky, but there were some beautiful blue, pink and purple hues, and I was happy to get some decent images out of the morning!

This final image below is a pano that I created from two separate images, stitched together in Photoshop. I love the way the clouds roll into the valleys and depressions and stay there, like a carpet of cotton wool!

Macedon Morning Fog 2015-2