I recently had the pleasure of meeting a local Melbourne artist, Carol Zsolt, and seeing some of her original hand-painted art. Carol was showing some of her selected pieces at the 69 Smith Street Gallery, in Fitzroy; I had a couple of rewarding sessions shooting images of the artist setting up, and then presenting her creations at the opening evening.

It was interesting to watch Carol go through the process of self-curating her body of work, arriving at a sub-set of the paintings that she had brought with her: grouping them into ‘families’, with shared themes or colours or feel, and putting aside some other work, even when it obviously pained her to have to ‘leave some of her babies out.’

The exhibition ran from Saturday, 5 December, to Sunday, 20 December. If you missed the exhibition, but want to check out some of Carol’s original abstract art, go to her website (www.czoriginalart.com) and get in touch with the artist herself – she has some great art that is crying out for a home!