I did a photo shoot for some friends of ours a couple of months back, and I was waiting for them to launch their website and promotional material before I posted anything here on my own website.

We met Miranda and Hendro through the St Kilda Cycling Club, and when they told us of their plan to develop and market a range of women’s-specific cycling apparel that captured both a sense of elegance, while also providing unsurpassed performance and attention to detail, we definitely wanted to help out!

We scheduled a quick and relatively informal photo shoot in the grounds of our building, as it provided a safe and secluded location in which to work, as well as a clean and “transferable” backdrop that they could use on their website and for any promotional work. It was a fun shoot, and I’d like to thank Marzia and Lisa for modelling, and Miranda as well, for helping as my assistant and model for the interior clothing range.

Some shots of the Mien clothing range:

Some images of me at work with my subjects!

Miranda and Hendro have based themselves in Holland, in order to be geographically closer to their fabric suppliers and garment designers, and presumably, to their larger markets, however, they sell their products online, so they truly embrace the globalised market concept!

If you’re interested in supporting Mien and want some cycling clothing designed for the non-racing woman, check them out: