Getting to photograph cycling is a joy and a curse: a joy because I get to combine two passions, in photography and cycling, but also a negative, in that it’s time that I don’t get to be on my own bike, especially here in Australia, in the summer, with that glorious blue sky and incandescent white ball up above. Still, if it means that I cycle a little less, or have to be really disciplined to ride early in the morning before I head off to shoot, then so be it!

I’m currently shooting for Cycling Victoria, and have additional work for a couple of Victorian based teams as well, which allows me to see a lot more cycling, and much more of the countryside than I’ve done for a while.

My cycling photos are for sale (check out my SHOP); each image has a unique name/number:

  • Low-res: $7.50 per image
  • High-res: $20 per image

Personal use only, if you want something for commercial use, please get in touch.

If you’re looking for photos of your team (or yourself) and you’ve seen my work, either on the CV website, or on the Bikebug-NextGen news feed, then be sure to get in touch! Let’s see if we can work something out.

T: +61 412 255 623

Some of my work: