Your face is your sales pitch, that 7 seconds you have when you meet someone, or when they see your picture on your website, Linkedin profile, or presentation pack that you’ve so carefully crafted. It makes sense, therefore, that the photo that you select reflects who you are, what message you want to convey, and all in the most professional way possible.

You might be looking for a corporate styled set of photos, or you might want something more casual or situation-specific (you might be a sports-person, tradesperson, engineer, or any other manner of trade or profession), yet still want a well-lit and posed image, with a professional and good-looking outcome!

I’m happy to help you out in that regard: I’ll work with you to organise a pre-shoot briefing, to discuss what you’re seeking, some thoughts around your colouring and a suitable wardrobe selection for the shoot. We’ll then arrange a suitable time and location for a 45 to 50 minute one-on-one photo shoot where we’ll go through a number of professional poses and angles to capture a set of images of you at your best.

I’m happy for you to come to me in Fitzroy North, but I’m equally comfortable to bring my camera and lighting to you, if you’re after a set of images at a specific location, provided it has enough room for us to work; we can discuss this in the pre-engagement briefing.

Total cost: $225 for a set of 6-10 final, edited images in a number of poses and angles

  • including head shot only, three-quarter, and full-length (if desired)
  • includes shooting time, image processing, including colour balancing, re-touching, and resizing and format selection for the relevant use
  • GST not applicable

Check out some examples of my work in the portfolio below: