Ernesto at work 2015A

I’m Ernesto Arriagada, a Melbourne-based photographer. I love the art of creating beauty through images. I’m a keen cyclist, which explains the preponderance of cycling in my work; however, I also love art, architecture, the natural world, as well as travelling and seeing different locations and people around the world.

My first photo (that I can recall taking) was of the construction of the South Eastern (Monash) Freeway, back when I was at school; I think I shot it with a Brownie camera, using Kodak film. It wasn’t much of a photo, but if memory serves, it had the lines of the freeway-in-progress leading the viewer into the image and the road construction machinery beyond, so I guess I had inadvertently stumbled onto one of the basic tenets of composition, even if not deliberately! I can’t remember where that photo is now, but I do remember that the photo won me a prize – a photography book – and I was hooked, sort of, from there!

Like a lot of people, life kind of got in the way, and my passion lay semi-dormant for a long time. I found it again a few years ago, and I’m loving being back in the proverbial fray!

Please get in touch if you’re looking for some specific photographic work, and my images resonate with you. I’ll definitely try to help you out!

T: +61 (0)412 255 623
E: ernesto@ernestoarriagada.com